Membership Access Card

The membership access card is issued to every adult member and is used to unlock our electronic locks and prevent unauthorised access into and within the club. The card displays the members name, ID image, membership type and membership number and may be used to verify the holder is a legitimate member.

Every adult members who joins or renews is required to uploaded a suitable image to their membership profile. See this guide for examples of what is and what is not suitable image and once you have created a suitable image follow these instructions to change your profile picture.

Unsuitable images cannot be printed onto the membership access card and those that do not provide a suitable image will not be issued a membership access card. Card creation issues due to unsuitable images are managed for new members as part of the onboarding process.

The membership access card clearly identifies the member and only the member named on the card is permitted to use their card. Allowing it to be shared or used by another person including friends and family is not permitted and breaches membership T&Cs.

Members should have their card available whenever they are on the premises (except when it is an club organised social event like the Wednesday club social night) and produce it on request if they need to verify they are a current member.

All members must carry a mobile phone poolside so in the rare and unusual event that a legitimate member has gone poolside without their membership card they should be able verify they are a genuine member by showing their online membership profile from their mobile phone.

Non members should be asked to leave and the incident reported to the Membership Team.

Fob Swap Out Process May-June 2024

Members who joined before we started using the membership cards used a black keyfob to open the electronic lock. Many have already swapped to the card but any remaining fobs must swapped out with a membership access card before the remaining fobs are disabled in July 2024. The swap out process will take place in May and June.

Many membership cards were created but for various reason have not been collected. They are filed in the green folder in the kit room. Any of the remaining fob users who have not been issued a card will see their card created in May, depending on the suitability of their image.

To check if you card is ready to collect please view your profile on the membership system and look for the cardnumber value in the Attributes section of your profile record

If the number starts 6# then your membership card has been created and can be collected.

When it shows another value it means we have not yet created your card and membership will contact you when it has been created and you may collect it during the Wednesday club social night. If you cannot collect it we will post it to you.

If you have not yet uploaded an image or we assess the image you uploaded is unsuitable we will contact you to let you know and what you need to do to correct it.

Membership Access Card FAQs

1What should I do if I have lost my card?
Contact the Membership Team so they can disable your card and arrange a replacement if you cannot find yours again.
2What should I do when the card does not open the lock?
The are many reasons for this. Your access has been disabled or the card or card-reader is faulty.

Make a note of the sounds and lights on the card reader when you try to open the lock and the date and time and contact the Membership Team
3Can I be issued with multiple cards?
Replacement cards may be issued but only one card will be activated at any one time. See#12 if you find a card previously reported lost
4What should I do if I find another member’s card?
Check if they are still on the premises and return it to them if you can If you cannot return it then put it throught the letterbox on the outside door to bar, this door is to the right of the front entrance close to the rubbish bin.
5Why are some cards yellow and others blue?
The colour denotes poolside access.
White:- No poolside access
Yellow:- Wintertime poolside access
Blue:- All Season Poolside access
6What should I do with my membership card or door key or access control fob if I am no longer a member?
Put it throught the letterbox on the door to the right of the entrance near the bin or post it back to the club if you can no longer able to visit.
7What are the details shown on my card?
The card shows your ID picture along with your full name, membership number, membership type and username for the portal
8Who owns the card?
The card remains the property of SASAC at all times and issued to members for the duration of the membership and should be returned when their membership ends.
9Is the card waterproof?
Yes the card is waterproof
10Can I punch a hole in the card so it can be worn on a chain?
Any hole made in the card is likley to stop the card from working. Use a badge holder if you want to wear it as a chain.
11What happens if I deface or physically damaged the card
Request a new card from the Membership Team. This is chargable.
12What should I do if I find my lost card since receiving a replacement?
Put it throught the letterbox on the door to the right of the entrance near the bin.
13Can I get a temporary cardPermanent replacement cards are issued but we do not issue temporary cards.
14How do I change the image shown on my membership cardUpdate the photo ID image shown on your membership profile using the instructions below and contact the Membership Team and request a new card.
Fob Swap Out FAQs
101My card is not filed in the green folder. If your profile shows a cardnumber starting 6# then we have created your card. If it is missing from the folder it has been collected already. s
102Do I need to swap out my membership access card with a new cardThe swap out is for members who are still using the fob. We are not replacing membership cards.

How to update your photo ID image

The picture you upload to your membership profile is meant to be a passport style image for identification. It is not a social media image. This image is printed as small 4×3 image on the membership card and should clearly identify you as the person shown on the membership card.

See this guide for examples of what is and what is not suitable image and once you have created a suitable image follow these instructions to change your profile picture.

  1. Sign-in to the membership system
  2. Open your user page using this link.

To get to the user page via the menu using a PC or MAC browser: Select the man icon button shown in top right of screen and from the drop down select the button

To get to the user page using a tablet or smartphone browser: Select the menu button to reveal the dropdown menu and scroll down and select the button

Once on the user page you will see the photo section.

  1. Select the “Change” button below the photo image then the “Choose File” button and select the photo image file you want to upload
  1. Using the image control buttons if required resize, or reposition, or crop your photo until it clearly shows the face.
  1. Once you have the image showing as you want it just select the upload button to save the image to your profile.

 If you genuinely are unable to follow these instructions to upload a suitable image then you can contact the Membership Team and with your suitable image and they will assist.