Swimming Pool Induction

The swimming pool normally operates without qualified lifeguards and all adult swimming members agree as part of their terms and conditions to monitor and enforce the Pool Safety Operating Procedures (PSOP) and perform the supervision and accident prevention role of a lifeguard to provide the alternative lifeguard measure. If members consider the limitations, risks and hazards to be unacceptable, they cannot use the pool.

Prior to their safety induction the member must

The safety induction is designed to familiarise the member with the premises, pool, equipment and explain how to act in case of an emergency or incident. As part of the induction, or at a mutually convenient time following their induction they will be required to demonstrate

  • Their working knowledge of the PSOP
  • They are a competent and capable swimmer
  • They know the location of safety emergency equipment
  • They know how to respond to an emergency
  • They know the different pool layouts and how to reconfigure between them
  • They are aware their access to the pool may be revoked if they cannot adequately fulfil these requirements
On arrival and entering the club
Pool Safety Part#1
Pool Safety Part#2
Leaving the club