Swimming Pool Induction

The swimming pool normally operates without qualified lifeguards and all adult swimming members agree as part of their terms and conditions to monitor and enforce the Pool Safety Operating Procedures (PSOP) and perform the supervision and accident prevention role of a lifeguard and deliver the alternative lifeguard measures.

If members consider the limitations, risks and hazards to be unacceptable, they cannot use the pool.

Prior to attending the safety induction the member must

The safety induction is designed to familiarise the member with the premises, pool, equipment and explain how to act in case of an emergency or incident. As part of the induction, the member is required to demonstrate:

  • Their working knowledge of the PSOP
  • They know the location of safety emergency equipment
  • They know how to respond to an emergency
  • They know the different pool layouts and how to reconfigure between them
  • They are aware their membership and or access to the pool may be revoked if they cannot adequately fulfil these requirements or do not comply with the PSOP

The member needs to demonstrate they are a competent and capable swimmer either as part of the induction or during their next swim sessions (or diver training if applicable).

Swimmer Competency Test

Our insurance requires us to verify and confirm every pool user is a competent and capable swimmer. You can choose to either demonstrate this immediately following your induction or alternatively arrange for another member to assess you when you first start using the pool. Just get the member to email membership@sasac.co.uk to say they witnessed you successfully demonstrate your swimming abilities to the standard described on the webpage: https://sasac.co.uk/psop/#appendix-3.

We record the date/time and assessor details on your membership profile record along with the date of your induction and your safety (PSOP) assessment.

Planned Induction sessions are published below.

To book your induction session

  1. Check for an available session date in the schedule below
  2. Request a place on the session at least 48 hours before it starts by emailing inductions@sasac.co.uk
  3. The session leader will email you to confirm your booking at least 24 hours before the session starts

Remember to dress appropriately for the prevailing outside weather conditions as the session are run outdoors and use the session to ask any questions you have about the club. On being successfully inducted you will be given your membership/access card and a key to access the building.

Induction sessions are run on demand and are cancelled when nobody confirms they are attending

Saturday 14/5/2022 12:30Jackie
Sunday15/05/2022 12:30Rebecca
Friday20/5/2022 11:00Tony
Saturday21/5/2022 12:30Lynne and Rebecca
Friday27/05/2022 12:30Miranda
Saturday28/05/2022 TBCNo Leader
currently available
Friday03/06/2022 12:30Reuel
Saturday04/06/2022 11:00Rebecca
Sunday05/06/2022 TBCNo Leader
currently available
Friday 10/06/2022 12:30Jenni
Saturday 11/06/2022 11:00Rebecca
Sunday12/06/2022 12:30Reuel
Friday17/06/2022 TBCNo Leader
currently available
Saturday18/06/2022 TBCNo Leader
currently available
Sunday19/06/2022 TBCNo Leader
currently available
Friday24/06/2022 TBCNo Leader
currently available
Saturday25/06/2022 TBCNo Leader
currently available
Sunday26/06/2022 TBCNo Leader
currently available
updated 13-May-2022

Pre Induction Video

On arrival and entering the club
Pool Safety Part#1
Pool Safety Part#2
Leaving the club