Renewals 2023

The membership system has changed to a new online membership system called myClubhouse.

Members are expected to receive their renewal notices late on Sunday 21st May and it should take no more than 5 minutes to complete the renewal.

Each adult member needs to use their own credentials to sign-in to the membership system in their own right. If your husband or wife is part of your membership family group they MUST each sign-in and individually manage their own consents and agreements.

When you are part of a family group any adult in the group can accept the renewal offer and pay for everyone in the family group

To complete your renewal complete these three steps
1. Check for two new emails with your sign-in details
  • following the renewal email there are two new emails sent from St Albans Sub-Aqua Club <>
  • One email shows your username for the new membership system
  • The other email has the link that will reset/create a password for you
  • Click on the link in the email to create a strong password
2. Sign-in to the membership system with your new credentials
  • Complete the “Manage Consents”
    • We need this to comply with our insurance conditions and GDPR
    • Legally each adult must sign-in and accept the conditions in their own right
    • Parents can accept the conditions for the child but NOT for another adult
    • These are mandatory conditions: Withdraw consent by cancelling your membership
  • Confirm your personal details
    • We hold your personal details and we need you to check they are correct
    • You can update the personal details of anyone who is in your family group
    • For children please use the parents contact details and not the child’s personal email or mobile; and do not upload any images of your children
3. Manage your subscriptions
  • Accept the renewal offer
    • You can accept the subscription renewal as well as those of anyone in your family group
  • Pay for your membership subscription
    • Family group make a combined payment.
    • Remove yourself from the family group if you want to pay as an individual
    • Those who already paid will see their payment credited on their balance
  • If your child is not already registered, Register them as a Junior Pool Guest
  • If you profile has no photo, upload a passport style image that will go onto your membership access card that is replacing any members fobs.
  • Use the Members Directory to view the membership list
Payment System

The new membership system uses an online card payment system as we no longer want to manage subscription fees that are paid using BACS. Members who already paid their 2023 renewal fee by BACS will need to accept the renewal offer and then Click this link to send an email with the details of the BACS payment to membership administrator who verify the payment was received and reconcile the transaction on the membership system against the members record. The BACS payment will display under the My Purchases part of their profile.

Help using the membership system

If you need help

  • Read the FAQ below. This list will change as more members ask questions
  • Click Here to watch a video [5mins/192MB]of a member completing her renewal and registering her child
  • Use this Quick Guide create by another member
  • Click Here to open the web page showing the contact list of “helpers” who are members who volunteered to help other members who have issues. The password for this page is shown in the renewal email.
Forgotten your Username or Password

Use the forgotten username/password link on the logon page and follow instructions

Watch this video [2mins/55MB] showing a member resetting their password


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not shown below please contact one of the members shown below

1Why does the “Withdraw” consents not work?The consents are mandatory for membership. There is a bug in the system that allows you to select withdraw contents but it your consent remain unchanged.

You must cancel your membership to withdraw consents. See question (10)
2The password reset link in my email does not work and reports “? Not Found” and Reason: Unrecognised reset tokenThe link has either expired or been used already. See Forgotten your Username or Password and request a new one
3How do I remove items from my basket so only pay for my subscription and not for everyone in my family group?If you in a family group the basket will include all due subscriptions for the group. You can delete yourself from the family group if you want to pay just for yourself. Go to your profile and select My Family Group and select “remove user” against your record. After you are removed recheck your basket
4How do I know I have successfully paid?
Look at £ My Payments in your profile. Also you will receive an email when you have paid
5How do I know if my renewal is completed
Look at My Subscriptions and it will show “Active” when it is complete. You should also get an email.
5aCan I renew my membership after the subscription offer has expired. No. You need to sign-in and accept the offer and complete your renewal (see FAQ#5) before the subscription offer expires. Once the offer has expiresd we consider your renewal and your membership as cancelled.

The places of former All-Season Swimmers member who did not renew are allocated to the lottery draw. See Membership- Lottery section for more details.

Applications to join the club by former member are managed as new member applications and not renewals. they are subject to the same quotas and restrictions as any other applicant.
6aMy own subscription shows as expired
Make a note of the subscription reference that is shown and
email this reference and the issue to
6bMy child’s subscription shows as expiredType: Junior Pool Guest membership
It is a known issue. Recheck after 24/05/2023

Make a note of the subscription reference that is shown and
email this reference and the issue to
6cMy partner/spouse’s subscription shows as expired
Make a note of the subscription reference that is shown and
email this reference and the issue to
7I have logged on and the membership offered in my subscription is not the right oneIf after reviewing your subscription offer on your subscriptions page you believe the subscription is wrong or you want to change to another type of membership, then select the Reject Subscription button and when prompted describe the issue or the type of membership you are requesting.
The membership team will review your response and either send you a revised offer or get in contact to discuss it in more detail.

Please note you cannot request to change to All-Season-Swimmer subscription. The quota is fixed and these subscriptions are offered via the annual lottery to qualifying candidates. See Membership- Lottery section for more details.
8Why are myself and partner being offered individual membership when we were a joint all season swimmer member last year

(Joint membership was sometimes referred to incorrectly by some members as family membership)
The Joint All-Season Swimmer membership was fully discontinued in 2023 and members offered renewal as individual members.
It was discontinued for new members in 2018 and for renewing members in 2023 to make it consistent with the other membership types.

Although we do not have a family membership type the membership system does group family members together into their own family group for ease of administration. This allows one member to review and update all members personal information; accept the renewal offer of others in the group and make a single payment for the family group.
9What is the password for the helpers list
The password is shown in the email with the subject:
Membership Renewal 2023 for St Albans Sub-Aqua Club
10I am not wanting to renew. How do I cancel my renewalWe are sorry you want to leave and wish you the best for the future. There are two options to cancel your membership and we prefer you use the first option

1- On your subscriptions page for each membership you want to cancel, select the Reject Subscription button and state the reason in the pop-up box

2- Do nothing and ignore the reminders we will send you too. When your offer expires we will assume you did not want to renew and will process your cancellation.

Please return your membership access card and keyset to the club. You can post it to us if that is more convenient.
11How do I cancel my membership after I have already joined as a new member or renewed as an existing memberWe are sorry you want to leave and wish you the best for the future.

If you have an “Active” subscription because you joined as a new member or renewed as an existing member you can cancel your membership.

On your subscriptions page and for each “Active” membership you want to cancel, select the Request Cancellation button and state the reason in the pop-up box.

We do not refund membership fees after you have joined

Please return your membership access card and keyset to the club. You can post it to us if that is more convenient.
12Why is does the member’s record not show their Medical Status as “Pass”The medical status field is updated after the member’s Medical Declaration is manually reviewed by membership team.
The possible values are:
Empty: It has not yet been reviewed.
Pass: The declaration complies with membership type
Pending: Waiting for results of medical
Not Required: Some membership types are exempt
Fail: The declaration does not complies with membership type; or there is a medical reason; or its an empty declaration.

Many Junior Pool Guest show as fail because the declaration was empty. After updating the record with a valid declaration, wait 30 days for it to change to Pass then if still not changed cContact membership
13I made a payment by BACS before the new system was implemented. How do I get that payment credited to my record?Members who paid their 2023 renewal fee by BACS will see their BACS payment credited under the My Purchases part of their profile. If your paid by BACS but the payment is not shown on your profile please Click this link to report the issue and provide the details of your BACS payment so we can reconcile the payment on our bank statement
14Why are the expiry dates for my children who are Junior Pool Guests differ from mine?Junior Pool Guest is restricted to the dependent children of adult members that are register in the parents’ family group. When first registered the expiry date will be the same as their parent but it later is automatically updated to the day before their 18th birthday.

Parent must update the record of their Junior Pool Guest and complete the consents; medical declaration; emergency contact details and ensure their value of the telephone, email, mobile and address details match the parent.
Please do not upload images of children to the membership system .
15When will people be offered the ability to upgrade to All Season Swimmer in 2023?The lottery draw normally takes place in May is delayed because the renewal process was delayed. We need renewals to complete by Sunday 18th June 2023 to determine how many spaces are made available for the lottery. (see FAQ#5a)

We estimate offers will be made in late June early July.

See the Membership- Lottery section for more details
16a! Error Processing Payment
Payment failed: Keys for idempotent requests can only be used with the same parameters they were first used with
This can happen when you are trying to pay for something that has already started the payment process, especially if the back button is used around the basket.

Signs out and back in again, return to the shopping basket and pay.
16b! Error Processing Payment
Payment failed: Your card has expired.
The card issuer reported the payment card has expired. Use another card

If you believe the card details you entered are correct report the issue to your card provider
16c! Error Processing Payment
Payment failed: Invalid account.
The card issuer reported the payment card details entered are invalid. Correct the values or use another card.

If you belive the card details you entered are correct report the issue to your card provider
17How can I get added to the Swimmers WhatsApp groupYou can self enroll by selecting this link to the group invite
WhatsApp SASAC swimming group
18Why was the discount removed for couples?Couples who were not All-Season-Swimmer members (like Cold water Swimmer, Divers, etc.) were not entitled to the discount enjoyed by couples who were All-Season swimmer members.

The committee were asked to review the disparity and instead of applying the discount to the other members who were couples chose to remove the discount previously enjoyed uniquely by All-Season-Swimmers with effect from April 2023
19Why have membership fees increased in 2023?The increases in 2023 are the first increases for nearly 10 years. We are a not for profit organisation and the massive uplift in the club’s operating costs and in particular the electricity (used to run the filtration system) and the chemicals (used to treat the water) meant we needed to increase our prices.

Over the years the increasing operating costs and infrastructure upgrades (such as pool filtration) were covered by expanding the number of members and financial assistance from grants and donations and to a limited extent from savings. We are not expecting the levels of financial assistance as before nor are we able to increase membership to the extent it will offset the increased operating costs.
20Why is there a fixed quota on the number of All Season SwimmersWe are obliged to keep the bather numbers at a lower level than enjoyed in comparable commercial pools because of how we mitigate the risks of operating without lifeguards and to maintain the water quality.

The filtration system is not capable of supporting higher numbers and in the summer the water quality is impacted by the increased number of bathers, longer daylight hours and warmer water temperatures.
21Why is the Splash Zone not a bigger area or available for longer?The area, depth and bather capacity of the Splash Zone is defined by pool operating restrictions and HSE guidlines and commitments we have with our insurance provider. Any larger or deeper or capacity increase would require lifeguards to be on duty.

The times the Splash Zones operates is defined by the Swimming Members subcommittee and is a based on demand and actual usage and is a compromise between the needs of members wanting to use the splash zone and those wanting to lane swim.