Renewals 2024

The common renewal date for all members is 1st April each year.

The renewal notice was emailed and posted on WhatsApp on 11/03/2024 and members who had not renewed by 1st April were emailed a reminder explaining their membership for 2023/24 had expired.

Members must complete their renewal before the end of Saturday 6th April 2024.

Members who cancel or fail to renew in time will have their membership permanently cancelled and their details removed from our systems.

Members who fail to renew before their offer expires may rejoin the club as new members later in the season but their fee will calculated to start on 1st April and additionally will include the £15 joining fee.

Former members will be unable to rejoin the club as All Season Swimmer members because the places for these types of memberships are allocated to the lottery draw.

We request former members return their membershipcard and door key to the club so they can be recycled by putting them through the letterbox in the door to the right of the main entrance or by putting them into an envelope and posting them to us Cottonmill Swimming Pool, ST ALBANS, AL1 1HJ.

How to Renew

Members should

1. Sign-in to the membership system with their membership credentials. See FAQ#2 below if you have forgotten these.

Once sign-in you will be presented with the “Manage Consents” page.

  • Complete the “Manage Consents” and accept the T&Cs for yourself and any associated children.
  • DO NOT attempt to accept the consents for another adult as we need a record of personal consent from each individual adult member.

2. Review your membership profile information and confirm:

  • Your personal information is current and accurate.
  • Including your Medical Declaration
  • including agreeing to monitor and implement PSOP

3. Accept the renewal offer.

  • Proceed to your My Subscriptions page and accept the offer.
    • You will then be directed to the basket to make payment.
Payment System

Your subscription fee is taken by the integrated online card payment system. See FAQ#13 below for more information

Manage Consents

We require each adult to individually re-confirm they accept our T&Cs; Waivers & Release; Communications & Messages and Privacy Policy. This forms the basis of the contract between the member and the club,
These are mandatory consents that can only be withdraw by cancelling your membership and are required to comply with our statutory and insurance requirements.
Adult members can accept these consents for themselves and on the behalf of their dependent children but must not accept consents for other adults as this would invalidate the other adult’s membership.

Further help using the membership portal to renew your subscription.

Many of the solutions and answers to renewal questions are described in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section shown below. As volunteers we have limited resources so expect you to read this section if you have any issues before contacting membership using the Contact Us Form for help.

Click Here to watch a 3 minute video of a member completing their renewal

Forgotten your Username or Password

Use the forgotten username/password link on the logon page and follow instructions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have a question that is not shown below please contact us using the Contact Us Form

How do I upgrade to an All Season Swimmer membershipmembers cannot upgrade.
Following renewal any places that become available are offered in the lottery draw in April. See the Membership- Lottery section for more details
2The password reset link in my email does not work and reports “? Not Found” and Reason: Unrecognised reset tokenUse the link on the sign-in page if you have Forgotten your Username or Password and request a new password reset link.
The system will email your registered email address with details of your username and how to reset your password.
The reset link will time out if not used with 12 hours and you will need to request the Forgotten your Username or Password link again
2aSorry, unrecognised username and/or password.

I received the password reset email and followed the instructions and reset my password but why is my new password not working
This error happens when you try to sign-in with the wrong username and password combination.

If you are sure you are using the correct password then it means the username is not correct.

The username is shown is the password reset email. The membership portal username is a value based on your lastname and firstname and is NOT your email address.

The membership portal and the SKEDDA booking websites are not the same systems and use different usernames. The SKEDDA system uses your email address as the username.
3How do I remove items from my basket so only pay for my subscription and not for everyone in my family group?If you in a family group the basket will include all due subscriptions for the group. You can delete yourself from the family group if you want to pay just for yourself. Go to your profile and select My Family Group and select “remove user” against your record. After you are removed recheck your basket
4How do I know I have successfully paid?
Sign-in to the membership portal and look at £ My Payments in your profile.
An email is also sent to you when you pay
5How do I know if my renewal is completed
Sign-in to the membership portal and look at My Subscriptions and it will show “Active” when it is complete. An email is also sent to you when you renew
6aMy own subscription shows as expired
On accepting the renewal offer you will get a new subscription and your previous subscriptions will show as expired.
6bMy child’s subscription shows as expiredType: Junior Pool Guest membership
Make a note of the subscription reference and report the issue to us using the Contact Us Form
6cMy partner/spouse’s subscription shows as expired
Make a note of the subscription reference and report the issue to us using the Contact Us Form
7I have logged on and the membership offered in my subscription is not the right oneIf after reviewing your subscription offer on your subscriptions page you believe the subscription is wrong or you want to change to another type of membership,
then select the Reject Subscription button

On rejecting the offer you will be prompted to explain the reason the subscription offer is wrong or request another type of membership, We will review your response and contact you to discuss.

We will ignore any requests from Cold Water Swimmers who wish to renew as All-Season Swimmer members. The quota for ASS is fixed and these subscriptions are ONLY offered via the annual lottery to qualifying candidates. See Membership- Lottery section for more details.
8Why are myself and partner being offered individual membership and not joint a membership

(Joint membership was sometimes referred to incorrectly by some members as family membership)
The Joint All-Season Swimmer membership (AKA family membership) was discontinued for new members in 2017 and no longer offered for renewals since 2022. This was to make it all membership types consistent as they are only for individual members. See FAQ#18 below.

The membership system does allow members to be assigned to a family group but immediately before renewals were issued updated these groups so it only included one adult because some members had inadvertently accepted T&Cs for another adult and invalidated their membership.

Multiple adults will be permitted in the same group in the future after the ability for one adult to accept the consents for another has been disabled in a software update due 2025.

This allows one member to review and update all members personal information; accept the renewal offer of others in the group and make a single payment for the family group.
9Can I renew my membership after the subscription offer has expired.
No. The renewal subscription is a time limited offer and your membership will be cancelled if you do not complete your renewal be the offer expires.

Subject to availability of places and the current joining fee you can apply for a new membership but any applications to join the club by former members are processed after the lottery draw has completed and are managed as new member applications and not a renewal.

The new membership is not contiguous to your previous membership and is subject to the same quotas and restrictions and joining requirements as any other new applicant.

The places of the All-Season Swimmers member who did not renew are allocated to the lottery draw. See Membership- Lottery section for more details.
10I am not wanting to renew. How do I cancel my renewalWe are sorry you want to leave and wish you the best for the future. There are two options to cancel your membership and we prefer you use the first option

1- On your subscriptions page for each membership you want to cancel, select the Reject Subscription button and state the reason in the pop-up box

2- Do nothing and ignore the reminders we will send you too. When your offer expires we will assume you did not want to renew and will process your cancellation.

Please return your membership access card and keyset to the club. You can post it to us if that is more convenient.
11How do I cancel my membership after I have already joined as a new member or renewed as an existing memberWe are sorry you want to leave and wish you the best for the future.

If you have an “Active” subscription because you joined as a new member or renewed as an existing member you can cancel your membership.

On your subscriptions page and for each “Active” membership you want to cancel, select the Request Cancellation button and state the reason in the pop-up box.

We do not refund membership fees after you have joined

Please return your membership access card and keyset to the club. You can post it to us if that is more convenient.
12Why is does the member’s record not show their Medical Status as “Pass”The medical status field is updated after the member’s Medical Declaration is manually reviewed by membership team.
The possible values are:
Empty: It has not yet been reviewed.
Pass: The declaration complies with membership type
Pending: Waiting for results of medical
Not Required: Some membership types are exempt
Fail: The declaration does not complies with membership type; or there is a medical reason; or its an empty declaration.

Many Junior Pool Guest show as fail because the declaration was empty. After updating the record with a valid declaration, wait 30 days for it to change to Pass then if still not changed cContact membership
13I cannot make payments using the online card payment system.We take payment using an online card payment system. It works with credit and debit cards.

In exceptional circumstances we can arrange for an alternative payment method. Please make the request to us using the Contact Us Form and explain why you cannot use the card payment system or make the request in person with the membership team during the reguar Wednesday clubnight.
14Why are the expiry dates for my children who are Junior Pool Guests different from mine?Junior Pool Guest is restricted to the dependent children of adult members that are register in the parents’ family group. When first registered the expiry date will be the same as their parent but should all be changed to the day before their 18th birthday.

Parent must update the record of their Junior Pool Guest and complete the consents; medical declaration; emergency contact details and ensure their value of the telephone, email, mobile and address details match the parent.
Please do not upload images of children to the membership system .
15Why does the “Withdraw” consents not work?The consents are mandatory for membership.
You must cancel your membership to withdraw consents. See question (10) & (11)
16a! Error Processing Payment
Payment failed: Keys for idempotent requests can only be used with the same parameters they were first used with
This can happen when you are trying to pay for something that has already started the payment process, especially if the back button is used around the basket.

Signs out and back in again, return to the shopping basket and pay.
16b! Error Processing Payment
Payment failed: Your card has expired.
The card issuer reported the payment card has expired. Use another card

If you believe the card details you entered are correct report the issue to your card provider
16c! Error Processing Payment
Payment failed: Invalid account.
The card issuer reported the payment card details entered are invalid. Correct the values or use another card.

If you belive the card details you entered are correct report the issue to your card provider
17How can I get added to the Swimmers WhatsApp groupYou can self enroll by selecting this link to the group invite
WhatsApp SASAC swimming group
18Why was the discount removed for couples?Couples who were not All-Season-Swimmer members (like Cold water Swimmer, Divers, etc.) were not entitled to the discount enjoyed by couples who were All-Season swimmer members.

The committee were asked to review the disparity and instead of applying the discount to the other members who were couples chose to remove the discount previously enjoyed uniquely by All-Season-Swimmers.
19Why have membership fees not increased for 2024/25 seasonThe fees are considered appropiate for our expected costs. We are a not for profit organisation and the increases in 2023 were the first increases for nearly 10 years and were required to meet increased operating costs.
20Why is there a fixed quota on the number of All Season SwimmersWe are obliged to keep the bather numbers at a lower level than enjoyed in comparable commercial pools because of how we mitigate the risks of operating without lifeguards and to maintain the water quality.

The filtration system is not capable of supporting higher numbers and in the summer the water quality is impacted by the increased number of bathers, longer daylight hours and warmer water temperatures.
21Why is the Splash Zone not a bigger area or available for longer?The area, depth and bather capacity of the Splash Zone is defined by pool operating restrictions and HSE guidlines and commitments we have with our insurance provider. Any larger or deeper or capacity increase would require lifeguards to be on duty.

The times the Splash Zones operates is defined by the Swimming Members subcommittee and is a based on demand and actual usage and is a compromise between the needs of members wanting to use the splash zone and those wanting to lane swim.
22Why do I need to reference a medical practitioner about my medical declarationMembers using the pool agree to comply with the Medical Fitness section of the PSOP. In most cases members can self-certify (self-declare) they are medically fit to participate in accordance with their membership type but there will be cases when they must consult a medical professional. Any doubts should be discussed with the membership team.

For Swimmers, swimming and exposure to cold water is often considered an activity that can improve one’s health. Openwater swimming and our pool operates without lifeguards and the water temperature can be considered and extreme environment.

The cold water exposure and swimming exercise can trigger some health conditions which is why we require members with any doubts, or suffering from an underlying health condition, such as (but not exclusively), a history of diabetes; black-outs (epilepsy, etc.); low blood pressure, high blood pressure, heart disease, or other cardiovascular disease; any lung or respiratory disorder; dependence on drugs; or any other medical condition that could affect their ability to swim safely should first discuss their suitability to do so with their local doctor (GP) and ensure the GP is aware it is an unsupervised, unheated outdoor pool and the water may be very cold.

For Divers and Snorkellers refer to the BSAC guidance

For Underwater Hockey refer to the BOA guidance
23Why am I not getting emails from SASACThe usual causes are:
(i) Our email is not being delivered to your INBOX because it is being blocked by your email system and being treated as junk and SPAM or
(ii) the email address in your profile is not a valid email address so we cannot be send it, or
(iii) It is being delivered to your INBOX but not the email account you are checking. This often happens when people set-up using their work email and then change jobs.

For the first issue check your SPAM folder and whitelist the SASAC emails in your email system as trusted sender. The email servers used by the My-Clubhouse membership system are fully authenticated as legitimate senders (compliant with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) so email providers can confirm we are authorised to send email, but even so it is still possible for your email system to classify our messages as SPAM

For the second and third issues sign-in to the membership system and update the email address in your profile.
24How do I sign-in to the SKEDDA booking systemThe SKEDDA booking system is not connected to the membership system and uses separate sign-in credentials.

To sign-in go to the SKEDDA sign-in page

Your username is your registration email address.
This is a specific email address. For example if you registered with an email addres you cannot sign-in using an email address even if they belong to the same google account.
25Why can’t I register as a new memberWhen you get the message
“A person with the same forename and surname has been found in the database….” It means someone with the same details is already registered as a member and it’s very likley you are attempting to duplicate your own membership record.

Do not register again as this will create a duplicate record. If you have forgotten you were a member you can now sign-in to the membership system after using the password reset option to remind you of your username and password.

However if you are sure you need to register as a new member because you cannot be an existing member please make contact through the Contact Us page.