Membership Portal

To logon to the portal or reset your password please go to the MEMBERSHIP PORTAL LOGIN PAGE

The portal is a basic membership system to help the club manage membership administration more efficiently.

From the home page (overview) you can select your profile to see your details including your membership number, membership type and payment details.

The system allows each member to maintain the information in their membership profile record, including any associated children, and are members are required to verify the information in the profile is current and accurate.

When joining and each time you renew, we require every member to log onto the portal and review and update their information in the mandatory fields including

I accept membership terms and conditionsYou will comply with the membership rules
I accept privacy policyYou agree how the club can use your personal information
My record is accurateYou verify the data in your profile is valid and accurate
Medical DeclarationYou declare you are adequately fit for your membership activity

Adult members must upload a suitable passport style photo image that will be printed on their membership card to identify them as a member. This image should be orientated as portrait in the 4:3 or 10:8 aspect ratio and a minimum size of 320 x 230. If taking a new photo try this pro-tip. Just remember to keep the background light rather than dark. You can edit and crop the image to the correct format using a program like Microsoft photo editor or use a free online service like MakePassport or PersoFoto.

By saving your profile and paying your membership fee, you will have effectively joined or renewed your membership.


1Why can I not tick the boxes to accept terms and conditions? You have not yet selected edit mode and are in view only mode.

Go to the Edit own profile page to make any changes to your profile including ticking the boxes.

Click here to expand image below of the detailed guide

Why does my profile show my fee is due when I have already paid?The payment details on the membership portal is not integrated with our banking system.

There is a delay of several days as the two systems need to be manually reconciled.

If you have made the BACS payment it will show up on your account before the renewal date on April 1st
3Where do I add my child’s details on the portal?The children records can be accessed from the relationship section displayed at the bottom of the the My profile page.

By clicking on the child record you can then view and edit the child’s profile record.
4My child’s record is not displayed in the relationship section of the My profile pageYour child has to be manually added to the membership system and linked to your profile.

If their record is not showing in the relationship section then please contact and request it is added.

Provide the child’s full name and date of birth
5I followed the forgotten password routine but have not received the password reset email.Check for an email from
It may have been delivered to your SPAM folder.

The email address in your profile does not match the email you chose in the forgotten password routine

the email address in your profile is not unique and also configured for another member. In which case request the password reset using your username.

request a password reset from and provide your either your membership ID or full name and date of birth and postcode so we can identify you
6Why do I see the following message

“You have tried to login too many times recently using a wrong password. For security reasons your account has been locked for 15 minutes”
Somebody has attempted to logon to your account with the wrong password three times in row.

Wait 15 minutes and try with a legitimate password


run the password reset routine again to get a new password the logon with the new password
7I followed the forgotten password routine and received a new password. Why doesn’t my new password work?When you received the email it shows your username, password and
Activation Link URL

1- Close any browser windows you have open
2- Click on password reset link from the email
3- In the browser window that now opens enter the username shown in the email. (Note: your username is not your email address)
4- Then enter the password shown in the email.

-Are you pasting the password from your email? It may be you have copied whitespace. So enter the password in manually.

-Otherwise clear the cache on your browser. It is likely it has cached and old invalid password
8I get the message

“Email address (your email address) has been assigned to multiple registrations. A unique user registration could not be identified.”
You can request “forgotten password” using your username or your email address.

But if the email is not unique and being used by another record you will get this error.

Run the forgotten password routine with your username and not your email.

If you have forgotten your username contact
9I get the message
“No picture file selected.” when I try to upload my profile picture
The file you selected is invalid either because it is
a) not formatted as an image file
b) the image file is larger that 3MB

Use a picture file that is either *.png or *.jpg and is smaller than 3MB
10When I click the activation link in the password reset email I get the following error message

“The new password has already been activated or the activation code is incorrect!”
The error happens when you click the activation URL more than once.

The password reset routine is:
1- select forgotten password from the logon screen
2- receive an email containing your credentials and the activation URL
3- click on the activation URL
4- log on with the username and password shown in the email

If you do click the activation URL multiple times don’t worry, just logon with the username and password shown in the email.