Joining SASAC is easy; the sections below contains the information needed to join. If you have any questions about joining please contact the Membership Team and the prices are shown in Membership Fees

Scuba Diving

Return our membership form along with a self certification medical form.

BSAC Diving Medical Form
SASAC Diving Membership Form
BSAC Registration Form

Snorkelling & Underwater Hockey

Snorkelling Courses run regularly at Westminster Lodge. Please Contact Roy or Ali for more info. Underwater Hockey runs all year round

If you have any questions about snorkelling / hockey please contact Ali or Roy the Snorkelling and Hockey Coach.

BSAC Snorkelling Medical Form
SASAC Snorkelling Membership Form
BSAC Registration Form


Membership renews each April and we don’t offer pro-rata fee. There are three types of memberships.

Cold Water membership where access to the Cottonmill Pool is restricted to 6 months between October and March. Outside of these times the membership is equivalent to a Social Member.

Single membership for one adult and Joint membership designed for two cohabiting adults. These memberships enjoy year round access to the Cottonmill Pool and the dependent children of Single and Joint members may accompany members into the Cottonmill Pool.

We are at capacity for Single and Joint memberships and are not recruiting any new members into these categories. Cold Water Swimmer members who want to become Single or Joint Swimmers need to apply to the lottery scheme for available places.


We do not have a wait list but run an annual lottery for the limited number of spaces that do become available each year when existing members do not renew. Applications received in the year ending 31st March are randomly selected and lottery winners are offered the places.

If you would like to apply, please complete the membership form and send to

If you haven’t been offered a place by end of May then you have been unsuccessful and will need to re-apply for the following years lottery. Applications will not be rolled forward to the next year.

We cannot respond to further enquiries regarding you lottery application due to the volume of enquiries made.

In Summer 2021 we will introduce an online method to apply and check your status yourself

Social Membership

We also offer social membership of the club for those members who don’t dive / swim with the club, but wish to take part in club events.

SASAC Social Membership Form

Ever wanted to try SCUBA diving? Now you can!