Membership Terms and Conditions

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When a new member joins or an existing member renews they are advised compliance with the terms and conditions (T&Cs) are a condition of their membership.

The T&Cs are the “laws of the club” and every adult is expected to read and understand them as ignorance of the club laws is not a defence. Any membership can be suspended or cancelled without any notice or refund if the member is shown to have breached them. Accordingly it is expected adult members and parents and guardians of junior members will read them.

Adult members, or in the case of junior members their parents, must log onto the membership portal and confirm they understand and agree to the terms by selecting the associated tick box, which is one of the mandatory fields that must be completed before they save their record.

The membership portal records every changes made to a membership record. A membership is not active for either a new member or renewing member until they have made both full payment AND reviewed and saved their membership profile including all the mandatory fields.

For safety reasons the club expects members who use the pool to be FULLY AWARE of the Pool Safety Operating Procedures and will be randomly selected and asked to demonstrate their knowledge of the safety rules. Members who do not cooperate or fall below the expected standard will have their pool access revoked until they can demonstrate the required standard.

The details of the T&Cs are below

Club RegulationsThese are the rules of the club
COVID-19 Risk Mitigation ProceduresThese are the operational procedures that are in place to manage the risks of the COVID-19 virus
Pool Safety Operating ProceduresThese are the operational procedures to be followed by anyone using the swimming pool to keep users safe
Privacy PolicyThis policy explains our privacy policy