Membership Fees

St Albans Sub Aqua Club Membership (April 2020)

Category Standard
Additional Information
Adult Diver
Concessionary fees apply over state retirement age & under 23 and in full time education on 1st April
Junior Diver
£70.00 n/a
Under 18 at 1st April
Adult Snorkelling
£96.00 £48
Concession is over state retirement age or under 23 and in full time education on 1st April
Junior Snorkelling
£48.00n/a Under 18 at 1st April
Short Snorkel course
£35.00 n/a
University Snorkeller
£12.00 n/a
Social £27.00 n/a

n.b. Adult diver and snorkelling member may register up to two children as swimming members without additional fees.

British Sub Aqua Club Fees

12 months membership effective 1st April 2020, new members pay pro rata.

All SASAC diver and snorkelling members (other than BOA members) must maintain BSAC membership, payable direct to BSAC or via the club together with the SASAC membership fee. This is necessary to ensure that liability insurance for all members and the club is in force.

CategoryFeeAdditional Information
Full Diving Member £60.5018 years+ – Ocean Divers, Sports Divers, Dive Leaders & Trainees
Family Membership £110 One Full Member, one Joint Member & children up to age 18
Joint Member £42.00 Living in same household as Full Member
Advanced Divers & Instructors £55.50
First Class Divers & Advanced Instructors £50.25
National Instructors £40.50
Student Diving Member £32.00 18 years+ in full time education
Junior Diving Member £32.00 12 – 17 years of age
Associate Member £48.50 Non-diving or snorkelling
Snorkelling Member £20.50 Any age