Swimming Membership


Membership renews each April. There are two types of swimming memberships available for new members.

Cold Water Season Swimmer membership for one adult. The members’ access and use of the swimming pool is restricted from 1st October until 31st May. Outside of these times the membership is equivalent to a Social Member. Applications to join as a Cold Water member can me made at any time and spaces are not currently restricted.

Apply for Cold Water Season membership by emailing membership@sasac.co.uk with the subject: Application for Cold Water Season Membership and provide the full name and email address of the applicant(s).

All Season Swimmer membership for one adult. Unlike the Cold Water membership the members’ access and use of the swimming pool is available all year and additionally they can register their dependent children who are under 18 as guests who can accompany them in the pool.

The All Season Joint Swimmer membership is a type of membership no longer available for new members. It is equivalent to two single memberships but the fee is paid by the primary partner and is discounted compared to two single fees.

Pool Guests

We have no swimming memberships for children. Adults may register their dependent children as pool guests who can then accompany them to the the pool. Pool guests status is cancelled when the child turns 18 years old but they may apply for All Season Swimmer membership without the normal quota restriction up until the renewal date of their parent’s membership.

The current quota for All-Season memberships is at capacity. New membership are offered using a lottery system.


There is a quota for All Season Swimmer memberships.

The limited number of spaces that do become available each year when existing members do not renew are offered via a two stage lottery first to Cold Water members who have been members for multiple seasons and then any remaining spaces are offered via a lottery to remaining Cold Water members and anyone else who registered for the lottery in the previous year ending 31st March.

If you are an adult and would like to apply for the All-Season membership lottery email your full name to swimmingrep@sasac.co.uk with the subject: Application for All Season Swimming Membership. Provide the full name and email address of the applicant.

If you haven’t been offered a place by 31st May then you have been unsuccessful and will need to re-apply for the following years lottery. Applications will not be rolled forward to the next year.

We cannot respond to further enquiries regarding you lottery application due to the volume of enquiries made.