Technical Diving

Let’s start by what is the definition of technical diving?

Technical diving is defined as any diving that involves the use of ‘non standard’ sports diving kit and gas, when standard kit is classed as a single tank, with or with out a pony cylinder and with air, 32% or 36 % as a breathing gas mix.

So what does this include?

Again this has a variety of definitions in the main this is considered to be and one or combination of the following:

  • Twin set diving
  • Side mount diving
  • Diving on a rebreather
  • Wreck penetration
  • Cavern and Cave diving
  • Ice diving (there may be no clear exit point)
  • Beyond sports diving depths (35 – 40 metres depending on the agency)
  • Unusual nitrox gas – A nitrox mix that isn’t the standard 32% or 36%, 
  • Trimix mixed gas – adding a third gas like Helium into the breathing gas mix

So what can we offer as a club?

For those already trained. The above definitions of technical diving cover several disciplines; For the diver who has completed the ADP – Accelerated decompression course, a twin set course, or one of the mixed gas courses, some of our members take part in deeper diving trips as well as trips to Chepstow to their skills up.

For those rebreather divers, we have around five rebreather divers in the club; they are primarily on inspirations but have experience of different units. They support each other and have refresher dives in quarries to practice skills regularly.

For those who wish to train, we have access to instructors who can teach some of the technical courses that BSAC have to offer and access to regional coaches to cover those we cannot cover in-house. We also have access to instructors outside of BSAC if you want to train with another agency but wish to join the club and come along on the dives we offer. If you want more details on any of the above contact