Dive Kit Guide


Obviously to go diving you need a supply of air. Tanks come in a range of sizes. The tanks are measured according to the amount of air they hold in litres, with common sizes being 10L, 12L and 15L. As you get more experience you may find yourself using more technical setups including twin sets, stages and ponys – if you interested in learning more then come and talk to us. Prices for tanks can vary as its highly dependant on the cost of the meterials they are made from. Its best to shop around for the best price.

Regulators, pressure gauges and hoses 

Regulators are not a simple piece of kit – so its important to do your research first. Have a chat to people about the best Regs to buy.


On the surface and underwater you will control your boyancy using a Boyancy Companator – normally refered to as a BC. Essentially a BC is a jacket with an infatable bladder inside. They come in standard sizes for both males and females. AP Valves are a recommended supplier – their kit is almost bomb proof….

Wetsuits & Drysuits

Jumping into british waters is obviously going to be chilly so you’ll need something to keep you warm. There are two main options here – wetsuits and Drysuits. 

Wetsuits – as you may guess mean you’re going to get wet – they keep you warm by trapping a layer of water between you and the suit. This traps heat to keep you warm. For british waters you’ll need a 7mm suit at minimum. Drysuits on the other hand keep you warm by trapping a layer of air around you. To help keep you warm you where layers underneath (as you would in cold weather). You can pick up drysuits starting from around £500 new. If your thinking of buying a second hand one – try it on first as they suit needs to fit well. There are a wide range of suppliers of drysuits – and everyone has an opinion as to which ones are the best, and they change over time… Everyone is SASAC will be happy to give you recommendations.