We dive all year round, mostly on the South Coast, but there are regular trips to the Farnes Islands and beyond. Recently, members have run day trips to Swanage, a week in Scotland and weekend trips to Newquay and Portland! We encourage club members to organise diving with the help and oversight of the Diving Officer, who ensures that the diving is safe and appropriate to the organiser’s experience and qualfication. 

Previous trips include the cooler waters of the UK (Porthkerris, Weymouth, Lochaline, Farne Islands, Portland, Plymouth/Bovisand) and the warmer waters abroad (Egypt, Spain, South Pacific, Maldives and much, much more).

Our club members have a varied and diverse interest in diving, and whether it’s wreck, reef, cave or technical diving we’re sure there’s a SASAC dive for you! We have both open and closed circuit (rebreather) divers, with an even distribution throughout the BSAC grades which means a wide spread of dive sites and difficulty levels.

We also run regular training sessions for qualifications, refresher courses and Skill Development Courses with our own volunteer instructors (if you’re already a (non-BSAC) instructor you can still instruct with us. BSAC offer an  Instructor Crossover process). Qualification training is organised by the Training Officer, whereas refresher sessions tend to be more ad-hoc and organised as needed. Please see the links below for further information about diving with SASAC, BSAC and our Diving Facilities. SASAC goes diving at a wide range of sites accross the UK and abroad. The map shows some of the sites that we regularly dive.

BSAC are the UK’s leading dive club and the sport’s National Governing Body.

Technical diving is defined as any diving that involves the use of ‘non standard’ sports diving kit and gas

We train all levels of divers from Ocean Diver through to Advanced Diver and can mentor any one who wants to progress to First Class.

What you’ll need and advice on equipment.

Why not come down to the club for a try dive before you decide if you want to join the Ocean Diver Course.

St Albans Sub Aqua Club is not just a club for divers…