Our response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Article Updated: 12 May-2020 @11:55

The club premises and pool were closed from 21st March due to the government’s Covid-19 restrictions. The Committee is reviewing the options of how and when we will be able to reopen the pool following the Government’s announcements to relax the lockdown restrictions and the release of its Covid-19 Recovery Strategy document on 11th May.

There are likely to be restrictions on opening and additional measures to comply with official guidance and to keep us all safe and healthy.

The plans will be communicated to members as soon as possible and we ask for your patience and continued support until we are able to do so.


[updated 12-MAY-2020]

When will the club open again now the lockdown is being relaxed

No dates are yet available.

The club will reopen the club house and swimming pool inline with the Government’s restrictions for outdoor swimming pools.

Do I need to renew my membership by 1st April

[updated 31-MAR-2020]

Previous communications indicated that memberships would remain valid for a short period after 1st April whilst the committee was considering requests for help or reduction of fees. We now ask that all members wishing to renew their membership make payments by 15th April 2020.

During the committee meeting of 30-Mar-2020 consideration was given to whether membership fees could be reduced, delayed or otherwise ameliorated whilst the club is closed due to the coronavirus emergency. It was agreed that some help should be offered to members at this time and that the club’s finances do allow some latitude for fee reductions this year. However, at present there is no clear information on how long the club must remain closed or when any activities can recommence. In the meantime, most of the club’s outgoings are fixed costs such as maintenance, insurance and rent which must still be paid whilst other income streams such as bar takings and training fees have ceased. As of 30-Mar-2020 half of club members have already paid their membership renewal fees. It was unanimously agreed by the committee that all members wishing to renew should be asked to pay their membership fees in full as invited, but after the club has re-opened and activities normalised the committee will agree a credit which can be allowed against the following year’s membership. The credit will be commensurate with the period of closure. Many members may feel able to support the club with payment of the full fee for the year, but any member will be able to request the credit as a reduction in their fee for the year 2021/22. BSAC and BOA fees (where applicable) will need to be paid in full when due and the credit will only apply to SASAC fees.

Who can I contact if I have further questions or difficulties renewing by 15th April?

[updated 31-MAR-2020]

Contact either the Membership Secretary or the Swimming Membership Officer using the contact details shown on your renewal email.

What happens if I do not renew membership?

[updated 01-APR-2020]

If you decide not to renew please inform the contact on your renewal email of your decision as soon as possible as this save us sending follow-up renewal notices. Your membership will be cancelled if you choose not to renew, or do not respond to renewal notices in a reasonable time.

The club has a limited number of swimmer memberships and vacancies created by cancellations will be offered to people on the wait list. Should you want to join again after your membership is cancelled you will need to reapply for membership following the process outlined on the website and you will be entered into the annual ballot for a place.

Are the club premises open for any activities or events?

[updated 24-MAR-2020]

No. All activities involving the premises are suspended until further notice including use of the pool; club meetings and training; air fills and private hires.

Essential property maintenance and housekeeping will continue so the premises and pool can be quickly reactivated when the government restrictions are relaxed

Are the Westminster Lodge sessions for snorkelling, octopush and swimming continuing?

[updated 21-MAR-2020]

No. Westminster Lodge sessions are also suspended until further notice

Is the AGM going ahead on 13th May?

[updated 31-MAR-2020]

The AGM is rescheduled for the 20-Jun-2020 as a video conference and there will be only one item on the agenda to allow the chairman to immediately adjourn the meeting. No vote necessary. This meeting will be less than one minute and no other matters will be discussed.

The postponed AGM will reconvene later in the year on club premises and after social distancing regulations have been relaxed.

Are SASAC continuing to run diver training and diving trips ?

[updated 21-MAR-2020]

No club organised training or dive trips will be taking place until further notice.