Our response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Article Updated: 29 May 2021

The pool and club premises reopened on 29th March after previously being closed on 5th January 2021 for the third time due to compliance with the government COVID-19 restrictions. We expect to announce further lifting of restriction to coincide with predicted lifting of restriction on 19th July 2021.

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding our response to COVID-19 please contact committee@sasac.co.uk


When will the club open again?

[updated 28 JUN 2021]

We opened again on 29th of March for outdoor swimming using the same controls and restrictions used last year. On 28th June the splash zone was restored so family with children are welcomed back. Further changes will be announced in the coming weeks to coincide with lifting of restriction on 19th July

Are the club premises open for any activities or events?

[updated 29 MAR 2021]

All activities, except for essential maintenance and housekeeping, were suspended from 5th January as part of the 3rd national lockdown. The pool reopened on 29th March and can be used in compliance with our social distancing and infection control measures. Further changes will be announced in the coming weeks to coincide with lifting of restrictions.

Are the Westminster Lodge sessions for snorkelling, octopush, swimming and try dives continuing?

[updated 29 MAY 2021]

Westminster Lodge snorkel, underwater hockey and swimming sessions on Wednesday and Thursday have resumed using the revised protocols emailed directly to members.

Are the Try dive events continuing?

[updated 29 MAY 2021]

The try dive events were suspended due to the pandemic and we cannot yet say when or where they will be resumed. It is likely they will not be hosted as before in Westminster Lodge Swimming Pool but instead in our outdoor pool in Cottonmill Lane. Dates will be published when we know them and after but only after the government imposed restrictions are lifted, currently predicted to be after 19th July.

Are SASAC continuing to run diver training and diving trips ?

[updated 28 JUN 2021]

Club organised diver training has resumed using our outdoor pool and we have resumed club dive trips using the revised COVID-19 restriction protocols published by BSAC

Before arriving at the club everyone must have read and agreed to follow the new COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Procedures and the updated Pool Safety Operating Procedures

You are no longer able to simply turn up to swim as we are using an on-line booking system to control the number of people on the premises and in the pool to ensure social distancing. Click here for more details.