Club Management

The club committee is made up of the Directors of St. Albans Sub-Aqua Club Ltd. The affiliated BSAC and BOA branches have their own committees focussed on their branch and have representatives on the club committee. The ratio of representation on the club committee is defined in the company articles of association.
To contact
• SASAC committee email:
• St. Albans SAC BSAC branch committee email:
• St. Albans Saints BOA branch committee email: BOA@sasac_admin

NameSASAC Director RoleVoting ClassBSAC Membership TypeBSAC Branch Committee RoleBOA Membership TypeBOA Branch Committee Role
Roy Harrison Chairperson
Snorkel Officer
1Snorkel MemberChairpersonStandardTreasurer
Peter Tatton Diving Officer1Full MemberDiving Officer Training Officer  
Oliver Johnstone Secretary1Full MemberSecretary  
Richard Turner Treasurer1Full MemberTreasurer  
Stuart Everard Membership Sec.
I.T. Manager
Health and Safety
1Snorkel MemberBSAC MemberStandard 
Nadine Gardner Social Officer1Full MemberBSAC Member  
Simon New Public Relations Officer1Snorkel MemberBSAC MemberStandard 
Paul Compton Kit Officer1Full MemberBSAC Member  
Howard Clowes SASAC Member1Snorkel MemberBSAC Member  
Richard Turner Treasurer1Full MemberTreasurer  
Not Assigned    Welfare Officer  
Dermot McGowen Premises Officer2Non-MemberN/AStandard 
Saleema Adamson Swimming Rep2Non-MemberN/A  
Alison Humphrey  1Snorkel Member StandardChairman
Timothy Leicester   Non-Member StandardSecretary