Notice of the Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 2nd November 2022 at 8:00 PM

In accordance with the Articles of Association of the St Albans Sub Aqua Club Ltd (as amended), a company incorporated and limited by guarantee, and the Bye-laws of the St Albans Branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, notice is hereby given that the year 2022 Annual General Meeting of the club will be held on Wednesday 2nd November 2022, at 8:00 PM at the Clubhouse, Cottonmill Lane, St Albans. All interested parties are invited to attend, but are reminded that only fully paid up members and honorary members of the club are entitled to vote. Only Branch members (those who have paid the BSAC portion of their subscriptions) are entitled to vote on any matters which may affect diving, snorkelling, or the constitution.  

Meeting Agenda

1)  Chairman’s welcome and opening address, including vote of thanks to all outgoing committee members.

2) Minutes of the Previous AGM

Agree the minutes of the AGM held on 27 October 2021 (see link below) and deal with matters arising.

3) Chairman’s Report                                                 Peter Tatton

4) Secretary’s Report                                                  Peter Tatton

5) Treasurer’s Report                                                  Rick Turner

6)  Diving Officer’s Report                                        Paul Compton

7)  Membership Secretary’s Report                            Stuart Everett

8)  Premises Officer’s Report                                     Dermot McGowan

9)  Social Secretary’s Report                                      Nadine Gardner

10) PR Report                                                             Simon New

11) Snorkelling Officer’s Report                                Dermot McGowan 

12) Swimming Rep’s Report                                      Saleema Adamson

13) Other Club Members’ Reports                                   (If any)

14) Election results of Branch Committee members.

15) Election of Club Committee members who will also become Directors.

Members are reminded of the rules for these elections:- 

  • The Branch members (BSAC only) will have been elected at their Branch General Meeting held on the 19th October 2022 and results announced at this meeting.
  • The remaining directors (whose numbers will be no more than one third of the size of the Branch committee) will be elected by the Club as a whole (both BSAC and non-BSAC members). Any member over 18 may stand for election. Positions elected must not be diving related, so would typically be Swimming, Bar, Premises etc.

Nominations will be displayed before the meeting and announced on the night.

16) Any Other Business.

Any other business, of which due notice has been given, and other items as the Chairman may allow (without prejudice to the provisions of the Companies Act). If a club member wishes to raise an item for discussion during “Any Other Business”, the Secretary should be informed of the subject in writing, to the above address (or email: no less than 7 days prior to the meeting (i.e. before 26th October 2022). Or email

Download the file for these associated files

  • Nomination and Proxy forms.doc
  • the 2021 Annual Accounts ST ALBANS SUB-AQUA CLUB LIMITED final accs.pdf
  • the Minutes of last year’s Annual General Meetings held on: 24th May 2021 (adjournment) & 27th October 2021 AGM.doc

Peter Tatton

Company Secretary

St Albans Sub-Aqua Club Ltd